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I decided to jump in tonight and play a few ethereal sounding songs to chill out to, mostly in the ambient, trip-hop, and IDM genres. Brian Eno, creator of Ambient music designed the sounds to be “as ignorable as it is listenable” so I hope that puts us all in the proper state of mind. […]

Focusing more on producers than the artists this week. Some bold beats and smooth sounds <3

Gallery featuring Moon King and Dent May on February 10th at Bunk Bar Water Ave.     With many locations in Portland Oregon , Bunk bar on Water avenue is a sandwich shop turned into a venue at night. The location offers a close intimate space where people can enjoy a drink while they watch […]

The Legendary, effervescent, chameleon-like Jazz pianist Herbie Hancock, one of the most innovative musicians of all time, will be with us Friday, March 2, at Arlene Schnitzer hall. From his early days with Miles, to funk explorations like Headhunter and the groundbreaking video “Rockit”, as well as collaborations with virtually ALL the greats of Jazz/Rock/Blues, […]

Lilwami hit the decks at the Shake bar on February 13th and it was an epic night! Unfortunately he couldn’t record the set so this is a close representation of the set. The night was epic and I was blessed to be booked by the epic DJ DRTYDNC and DJ Neeks (check them both out […]

The Wrecks | FFO: Waterparks, SWMRS, Seaway On February 16th The Wrecks released their newest EP, Panic Vertigo following their first EP, We Are The Wrecks and are currently touring with the groups New Politics and Dreamers. The Wrecks consist of 5 members: Nick Anderson (Vocals/Guitar), Aaron Kelley (Bass), Nick Schmidt (Guitar), Westen Weiss (Guitar), and Billy […]

February 26, 2018

  Salo Panto performed live on KPSU’s Live Fridays

dj jules gets used to the dials and figures out them levers. a show which began as a TECH NIGHTMARE quickly turned DREAMY with plenty of SYNTHY MAGIC. –dj jules *SKIP TO 7:50 to avoid hearing my embarrassing radio faux pas!

PROOF!! The second hour, a pair of tracks from each of the years 1992 to 1994. Trust me I was astonished as you were when I realized how many amazing projects dropped in the early 90s, of course perhaps it’s simply a problem with my historical perspective. Crazy times, back then, crazy times. For me […]

PROOF!! This two hour set originally streamed live over the mysterious black magic of the interwebz on the 15th of May, 2017. I had rabbit hole stumbled into a little research of early 90s releases, and found that there were some landmark tracks and albums that came out in the time crossing the end of […]


Have a great radio time!

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