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Truly a colorful night as myself and DJ Mkulima from Learning to Grow sat down with the founder of Living Prism (Dar Sernoff) & team member Jenna. Starting off for the first hour of the show we touched on Living Prism‘s history as well as where the inspiration for the event production family came from. […]

Hallo Jazzfreunde! This show provides a taste of the Jazz scene in Leipzig, Germany, my home for 8 years. Most of these albums were put out under the label EGOLAUT (“loud ego”)   Sounds start at around 2:30. I was out of studio for this one and think the Playlist I provided for my […]

Join DJ Jman, the one and only! at the new time slot of 10pm on Thursdays!!! Plenty of new music and slaps coming to you from Lil Pump, Ghostemane, Smokepurrp, Cardi B, and MORE!!!! As always love the support and hopefully people will love this new time slot! Check out other show podcasts and my […]

Native American guitarists Hour One:  Link Wray, Jimi Hendrix, Charley Patton, Robbie Robertson, Redbone   Hour Two: Redbone, Indigenous, John Trudell & Jesse Ed Davis, Stevie Salas, Jimi Hendrix, Nokie Edwards (The Ventures), Robbie Robertson & Robert Randolph

This week’s installment features selections from Bernie Sanders, Caterina Caselli, Frank Ocean, Howard Zinn, Kanye West, Langston Hughes, and the inimitable Ms. Lauryn Hill! Episode is slightly delayed, and really gets started at the 3:00 time mark due to a minor technical difficulty on my part. Have a good weekend!          

ten out of ten femm radio .8 10.10.17 Thank you for listening to this episode of femm radio with me, DJ Yung Emi! You can listen to femm radio on Tuesdays at 11 or anytime here in the archives! This week’s show consisted of artists such as Missy Elliot, Sa-Roc, Lizzo, Daisy Maybe, Vanjess, […]

KPSU’s “All the Singles, Ladies.” Mix #68. Original air date: 10.10.17 Hosted by Joe Hernandez (@thisisbroseph // Host of KPSU’s All the Singles, Ladies) Joe Hernandez Photography Facebook (Photography) | Facebook (show) | Instagram Click the “click here to download” to listen to the broadcast, or enjoy the Spotify playlist below.

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