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Enjoy the show each week?  Think it makes your life a tiny bit better?  Then consider throwing a quarter into my hat over at Patreon.  For just 25 cents a week, you’ll get an extra, patrons-only musical gift sent to your inbox each and every week.   If this new player doesn’t work for you […]

Get Zapped! An hour feature of Frank Zappa! Started a bit late because of an interview show ahead of mine and also because I couldn’t get the needles! Luckily I managed to get them and was able to play the Zapping vinyl I brought in! (Zappa + London Symphony, Zoot Allures, Apostrophe, and the Grand […]

Immediate full disclosure: I am not able to write a preview for Thurston Moore’s set Sunday night at Lola’s Room in The Crystal Ballroom headlining the Sabertooth Music Fest without getting ridiculously personal. If you find that type of thing distasteful, run away while you can. I first saw Thurston Moore play in Sonic Youth […]

This week’s episode features selections from Jennifer Lopez, Kendrick Lamar, Kermit the Frog, MGMT, and Ziggy Marley!

Unfurling the foil flag. HEAR THE PROGRAM HERE! Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Sound/Track” – Album or You Know… Vexed – “Memories of Things We Never Had” – The Good Fight; Porter Ricks – “Exposed” – Porter Ricks; Sonologyst – “Purgatorium” – Heresy; The Silverman – “The Side of the Door (edit)” – Music For Personality Disorder; Four Dimensional Nightmare – […]

Catch DJ Jman and the What it Do Hour!? Every Thursday at 10pm… This week features some new slaps and also some music from Vince Staples and Tyler the Creator as well as Allan Kingdom, YBN Nahmir, Lil Skies, Pouya, Drake, and More!!!! Thanks for all the support as always!!! Show Page:

Hello, This is the first weekly installment of Beebop to Hip hop. If you like the show please continue to listen and leave a comment if you have a suggestion, a talking point that you would like to hear discussed, or if you just want to say hi.   Thanks for listening   -Neil

A charming mix of days gone by! DJ Anna

2/14/2018 Episode 15 On this episode I gave valentines shoutouts, did weird news, played the new Mic Capes plus some good throwback joints. Enjoy!    


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