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Join me as I talk with the bassist and vocalist of New Zealand witch rock band, HEX! We discuss their SXSW tour dates, themes and inspirations behind the music off of their most recent release, and more! Catch ya next week! -T

The House of Sarcasm – Portland Rock Bands – Show #2   Here are the events I mentioned on today’s show:   King Ghidora/Slutty Hearts, March 10 The Vernor Pantoms/Mink Shoals/The Cool Whips, March 10 Bad Eggs/The Furies/Suicide Notes, March 14 Chris Newman Deluxe Combo/Jack London Trio/Gin & Tillyanna, March 24    

3/7/2018 Episode 17 On this episode I talked Viks sports, weird news, Tom Green and more. I also played music and gave a shoutout to your greasy mama. Enjoy!  

THIS IS BROCKHAMPTON! Brockhampton start to finish on this one, enjoy

This week’s episode features selections from Rapsody’s album, Laila’s Wisdom!  

sail beyond your ordinary day with these fine fine jams. classic rock, contemporary remix, you won’t get bored with this box of delicious musical treats. have a lovely day!!!!

hlh;vl;vrJAIJOBUI HJNVHUGsdjhvldlkja ifigerijagggjkallkgdfkjoeruewiutiewurajcnjaowjdhappyinternationalwomensday! janet drank all my kombucha and is also leaving me in 2 weeks. accepting applications for new radio co-host and wife. women are cool. what is women? woman? who? wat 10/10 great blog post would post again haahahaha  

(filling in for vickie while she rocks out down in north carolina!) dj jules brings the SICK RIFFS for two whole hours of ELECTRIFYING and EAR-BLEEDING GUITAR MUSIC. featuring some local PORTLAND BANDS (young hunter, blesst chest, dead moon) as well as some friends from TUCSON ARIZON, la cerca: la cerca also some CLASSIC PUNK, […]


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