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The Birds and the Bees “You were conceived right in that blue house,” he said, pointing to a cramped one-bedroom bungalow. It was shadowed by two newer, taller apartments packed on either side. “See the window on the left? That was our bedroom.” Bernal Heights, San Francisco, a moment of a passion—July, I reckon, 1983. […]

Local rock from Portland! Hi, I’m Christine and this is my first radio show. The place where I live is called the House of Sarcasm and is home to an annual Halloween party featuring local rock and punk bands.   My plan is to play these bands on KPSU along with other local groups I have […]

Today’s broadcast is a real treat, a broadcast that is truly filled to the brim with exciting new finds. Chris-R hosts Left of the Dial and welcomes you to join on a journey down this radio rabbit hole.     Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space -Spiritualized “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating […]

Hello friends! Welcome back to another episode of the Bad Daughter’s Podcast! This week is just me, Moxxy, talking about my views on love. I address what it means to me, how I foresee it working in my life in both the future and present, and how I hope to use it to better interact […]

1st couple minutes of show had a guest planned, but it wasn’t meant to be. So had to go to plan B (again) and WING IT! I know yall love when I wing it so enjoyed thinking about this time traveling type show on the fly. Peace. Respect. No Invite. Ego Trippin. Im over it. […]

A musical mix of days gone by! DJ Anna 🙂

This is a round table discussion and it was hosted by Mary Bowers The round table discussion group is Ron Peterson Nathan Jimenez Jeff Anderson The Call In Guest is Ray Spencer


Have a great radio time!

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