Tuesday, June 13, 2017 by Tariq Abdellatif


FFO: Stolas, Will Swan, Hail the Sun, Dance Gavin Dance, Icarus the Owl

Eidola will be stopping by Portland’s Analog Theater on their tour with Capsize, Hail the Sun and Limbs on June 21 2017 at 6pm (Doors open at 5pm). Tickets can be found here for $12 ($15 at the door). This is an all ages event brought to you by kingbanana presents.

Eidola is a progressive post-hardcore band that consists of Andrew Wells (vocals, guitar, piano), Matthew Dommer (Guitar, backing vocals), Matthew Hansen (Drums), James Johnson (Bass guitar) and “Harold the Hallowed” who is in charge of lighting and aesthetics.

Eidola formed and got started in 2011 in Provo, Utah. After their first year of touring they released their debut self-released album The Great Glass Elephant in 2012. Three years down the road they released their next album Degeneraterra after signing on with Blue Swan Records. With their sophomore album receiving positive feedback from critics and fans alike, the band continued touring with bands like Hail The Sun, Dance Gavin Dance, CHON and Stolas. Now Eidola is back with a masterpiece of an album that is titled To Speak, To Listen. It was recently released on June 2nd and is their most ambitious album to date.

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Written by Tariq Abdellatif (@abdet100 // KPSU Photographer)

Check out the music video below for Eidola’s song “Tetelestai” off their new album To Speak, To Listen.