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To begin this concert review I have to say, WOW. Never have I ever seen two opening acts that complimented the Headlining Band so well. The Wrecks were the perfect beginning to the show. From the moment they stepped on-stage the energy was high and the audience was dancing, despite the band having such a […]

who wants to get us these rosemary fries? I was hanging out with my grandma this weekend and she made up a story about spies on the beach and it was, how you say, inspiration! Then Cody came and added some Buddy Holly and here we are, nine months later, spitting carrots onto the carpet. […]

Gallery featuring Moon King and Dent May on February 10th at Bunk Bar Water Ave.     With many locations in Portland Oregon , Bunk bar on Water avenue is a sandwich shop turned into a venue at night. The location offers a close intimate space where people can enjoy a drink while they watch […]

The Legendary, effervescent, chameleon-like Jazz pianist Herbie Hancock, one of the most innovative musicians of all time, will be with us Friday, March 2, at Arlene Schnitzer hall. From his early days with Miles, to funk explorations like Headhunter and the groundbreaking video “Rockit”, as well as collaborations with virtually ALL the greats of Jazz/Rock/Blues, […]

The Wrecks | FFO: Waterparks, SWMRS, Seaway On February 16th The Wrecks released their newest EP, Panic Vertigo following their first EP, We Are The Wrecks and are currently touring with the groups New Politics and Dreamers. The Wrecks consist of 5 members: Nick Anderson (Vocals/Guitar), Aaron Kelley (Bass), Nick Schmidt (Guitar), Westen Weiss (Guitar), and Billy […]

Week Five of Spooky Saturday. Thanks for listening, keep it creepy. 

Company of Thieves reach a milestone with the release of their new EP, Better Together. Stream it on Sound Cloud below. Better Together is the first release from the band since 2011. In 2013 the band had decided and announced they’d be taking a hiatus, and the status of the band would remain in question indefinitely. […]

“Thanks, Travis” “What’s on our collective mind?” “I’m cold all the time” “I feel cheated by the weather” “What! The snow is treating me well” “I’ve been checking my horoscope to no avail” “Yeah? You can look it up” “Um. That’s cute, sorry, I’m laughing at memes” “I feel like this week wasn’t real” “I […]

Steer clear of Cupid’s arrows on this installment of Left of the Dial where we explore songs that revolve around the most universal emotion found in songwriting: LOVE. Whether it be from a positive or other outlook, anything goes on this playlist which attempts to not only explore every angle of the emotion itself but […]

Our title today is only rhetorical as you want it to be, as this weeks rendition of Left of the Dial jumps through various colour swatches until we discover which proper shading we want. Join your host Chris-R on a journey to a place where no stone is left unturned, in the breath-taking adventure of […]


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