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I came across the band Overcoats this week, and they have changed my life. The inspiration for this episode was women with amazing voices. Prepare yourself for goosebumps and the constant feeling of envy!

The sun is out!!! Now we can celebrate with some beach goth!!!

This spring time playlist is inspired by “Sales” who I have been listening to nonstop for the past week.

So we all survived dead week! In celebration I attempted to create a Summer Vibey playlist, but it was raining so my heart was somewhere else. Therefore, this playlist is a mixture of sunshine, rain, happiness (cuz spring break is soon), and sadness (because I had to say goodbye to my poetry class). Hope you guys […]

In honor of seeing Lake Street Dive perform live on Wednesday night, I decided it was necessary to devote a show to some funky vibes!

When I was making this playlist, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to call it. But then I realized that this all feels like a dream, and we are sleepwalking through this dream. I know that this sounds really stupid, but just stick with me here guys. I think if you just close your […]

yo yo yo do you know what sucks? Staying up late to write a paper. So I made a show to lighten up the mood.

Tonight we are getting steamy over here at the station for the Discoveries and Epiphanies Valentine’s Day Spectacular. I have curated a special playlist that is sure to make the those love vibes super strong on Sunday. I’d like to call this playlist “Baby Making Music” but I need to keep it PG. So take […]

We all hate the dreaded week 5. Mid termz, paperz, stress, and breakdowns become your reality. But have no fear, we are going to end this week on good terms. D&E has brought you some chill dancey vibes. We are going to set fire to all those papers you want to cry about. Dance it […]

When you have a sister who is a fan of country music, you are forced to find music that crosses the boundaries a bit. So this playlist is full of artists that aren’t country, but can still be appreciated by country fans. Be prepared for some folky tunes that make you want to grab a […]


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