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This week is full of tunez the big bro would approve of.

This show was very bittersweet for me. I always love a chance to play Bowie for a nonstop hour, but it was very tough for me to hear that he had passed. I felt that it was important to dedicate a show one of my favorite artists. Here’s to you Bowie. Rest in peace!

Happy to be back in the station picking out some tunes for you homies! This playlist was just stuff that was vibin’ with me. Also some stuff that reminded me of home since I recently spent some time there for break. It’s just the new year guys, nothing new here.

Part 2 of the D&E Christmas Spectacular features recent artists bringing the Holiday cheer.

In order to get everyone in the spirit of the Holidays I have created a 2 part Christmas Special. This week’s show features classic Christmas Songs. So get some cocoa, and sit by the fire (even if the fire is on your laptop screen thanks Netflix) and listen to the soothing voices of Bing Crosby, […]

A Saturday version of Discoveries & Epiphanies. Playing some RnB, Hip Hop, Soul, and everything in between

Tonight’s playlist is my play on 80’s music. These are all songs that were released in the 2000’s but sound like they’re from the soundtrack of a John Hughes film. So tonight just enjoy the synth, the cowbells, and image kissing Jake Ryan’s beautiful face after your parents forget your birthday.

This playlist is dedicated to the fact that my roommate and I spent the first 6 weeks of this term thinking our beds were welded to an insane height. Now after finding out that we are both a little challenged when it comes to being adults, we can finally roll outta bed. So here is […]

Alright are you ready to get funky and dance and feel amazing? Good, because Sarah and I have curated a playlist to make you feel like you’re on top of the world (because you are).

Take a trip to Stars Hollow with this playlist that features music from episodes of Gilmore Girls aka the best show ever.


Have a great radio time!

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