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Tonight’s show is inspired by Wes Anderson movies. These are songs that I believe Wes would include in one of his eclectic movies (if he hasn’t already). So sit down, and listen while dreaming of pastel color palettes and Mendl’s pastries.

Hey ya’ll Tonight’s playlist is inspired by Summer. The weather has been a constant 60-70 for the past couple of weeks, which we all know for the is a miracle for the PNW. This has put me in the mood for beaches, cold drinks, and bonfires. I wanted this playlist to feel like a cheesy […]

Since Mother’s Day is this Sunday, I decided to steal DJ Stevie’s idea and dedicate this playlist to the best woman in my life: This one is for you momma. Thanks for always adding a soulful side to my musical inspiration. I will always remember dancing with you in the car to Jennifer Hudson and […]

Hey Ya’ll. For this playlist I tried something very different from what I usually do. Expect more electronic, more chill vibes. Imagine yourself floating in space, swimming underwater. Imagine yourself somewhere no one else has been before. This playlist is all about those nights where you’re alone, but you don’t feel alone. I hope you […]

This show is all about the songs that have been making me happy lately. Songs that give me the urge to jump up and dance, songs that make me feel reminiscent, and just good songs. Hope you enjoy! DJ So-Fe-Uh

Chilled with a twist. The calm soothing songs that you imagine would be played at a cocktail party. Hope you enjoy. DJ Sof-e-uh

This Friday I went to see Best Coast at Alhambra Theater. So it seemed fitting to do a Best Coast themed playlist. It’s sunny yay!

Back from Spring Break with a playlist full of some of my very fave artists. Groovy Baby.


Have a great radio time!

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