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So I didn’t fully expand on this show concept within the post for volume 1. There is a personal memory that reminds me, part of the reason why was I didn’t see the full CONNECTION to the concept as a whole. I mean I did, and I didn’t. I was straddling the epicenter of being and […]

As I’ve said before, CHICKS ROCK! It’s just a simple fact. Sure some of this personal opinion may be due to a simple appreciation, on my part, of the divergent differences. Regardless the how and why that they came about. These differences between men and women, offer a base for a different perspective on this […]

Volume 2 of my covers to originals comparison show. Switched it up a little bit this time, played cover first, then original. Figured out a minute or so into the second track played that my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me this morning. The do-over show of Steve Albini was playing it’s tracks down in pitch, things were sounding […]

Steve Albini: Influential American Producer. Volume 2 of my show concept spotlighting influential producer/engineers in the world of audio production. This week; well actually it was last week but no one got to hear the original version-I can honestly say that I’ve managed to have some sort of fire every week, the fires may range […]

Here we are (were). The end of another term of educational indoctrination. Dead week followed right behind by Finals week. On this 9th episode of Box of Chocolates, I am playing some tracks, lectures and a promotional bit all concerning the need and benefits of meditation. Stress is REAL easy to accumulate. Especially around the […]

My eighth episode is the third installement of my personal history as related through sonic landmarks and sign posts, and the associated commentary of its recollection. A veritable musical timemachine. In this third entry to a rather long story, we are looking at 1980. Which for me meant a return to the deserts of Northern […]

Tuesday the Na, na, na, na, nineteenth of May. Two thousand fifteen. This morning the playlist is comprised entirely from songs and/or music from films.  These tracks are all original soundtrack versions of the compositions, which can at times vary from the album or single versions of songs used. There are three instrumental tracks that […]

A new edition to my stable of rotating show concepts here on Box of Chocolates. The Producers will be a show where we “look at/listen to” a featured producer who has through their projects, associated artists, or own undeniable touch/sound have had a noticeable, debatable, or obviously profound impact on a genre, music or culture […]

The fifth episode of Box of Chocolates. In this show concept I will be making connection between songs, this will be a concept that will get new fangled occasional twists in future revisits.

Where I Come From part 2 In this the fourth episode of Box of Chocolates, we have the second installment of my personal history of becoming an observant, choice making, individual human being. It’s been a long trek, and this is simply a perspective of the journey taken through the lens of music that I received and consumed […]


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