Box of Chocolates

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Not a comprehensive compendium of the best females in Rock. More of a page from a lengthy personal lists of some of my favorite female artists. My only delineation, that the woman be┬áthe primary artist. She could be a front woman, or singular singer songwriter, but she must have song credit and be either highly […]

A recurring concept show of music commentary that looks at recorded covers and their originals. Occasionally including history or sidebar information of the artist, songs, time of reception or any interesting shift of tonality or paradigm between the versions.

Inaugural show with KPSU. This show is as the title eludes, a mixed offering, only the top of the box is gone, so you never know what you’re gonna get. I will be rotating show concepts between various ideas I’ve had in the past year. This first show; “Where I Come From – part 1”, […]


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