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Have you ever thought about where platypi live?? They must live in water nests!! Have some fantabulous tracks for you! Some more throwback Gorillaz and a track from the opener of the Lewis del Mar concert I saw, her name is Anna Wise and she was awesome!! Possibly the best opening I’ve seen! Float along […]

Some smooth jams for you toast! And some very exciting news about a fabulous creature of this world! The American Pika!

Excellent interview on the show today with Neal Morgan and his album SKETCHBOOK March 2016-2017! Plus BREAKING NEWS: you’ll find out one of his favorite late night snacks! It’s a big deal folks. Oh and there’s also supreme music (Sera Cahoone, The Strokes, some Gorillaz) to kick everything off! 

Happy good day! I saw a bunny in a blackberry bush island today and wanted to share the goodness! Enjoy the show! It’s FRE$H as ever! The Radio Dept. is crushing it this week! Even had a chance to listen to their album as a record by my awesome roomie Zoe!!! And her nana has […]

A fantastic sampling of new music! Get your day, morning, afternoon, midnight, evening, fortnight rockin with this playlist! ALSO: HAVE A PHENOMENAL DAY!

Got some great jams. No nasty jams. Ride this yank train until the end my soul flock.

Got some hot new songs from yo girl Eleanor. On air since 1884. New Gorillaz, Spoon, and Lana!

Back at the show life! Welcoming in Spring with some highlights from my trip to Puerto Vallarta! Listening currently in my personal life to Latin Workout music, like Ginza. So good. So very good. But since I already have 2 Spanish songs on here I thought I should hold back. Fun fact of the show: […]

Enjoy this mouse as well as perk your ears as much as you can to this lovely playlist happily curated just for you! Reflective in some spots, wild in others, this strand of songs will keep you on your little paws!

A delightful warming music selection brought to you by me and the sunshine!!! Get out there while its hot my friends. Best wishes for your week!


Have a great radio time!

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