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Some alley way music for you. When the sun starts to peek through the clouds and you realize you are in an alley and then make your way out of the alley to treat yourself to a bagel with a dope freaking spread. Honey cream cheese perhaps. That’s when you’d hear this music play. Download […]

ketchy tunes for you!

Hi folks, I discovered an amazing ice chicken from Alaska. It’s called a ptarmigan and they are hefty little tufters. Try 6 pounds 5 ounces on for size! Incredible work. Listen to some incredible work on this podcast! Got a red hot chili pepper throwback plus my favorite Vampire Weekend song of the moment!

Back at it! Loving No Wyld’s song Grown Up. This is a true chest of goodies! Some killer Mitski and Honne! All for you!! Hand picked, organic, free-range beats. Have a great day folks! Thanks for listening!

Ze last one before break! Loving this whole set! Oh and we talk about a mysterious dog cat creature we saw in the forest. We being special guest Rhiannon from Shiva’s! Stay tuned for fresh beats in January!

Zesty zesty. These songs will get you through. Finish strong loves! I believe!

A killer playlist for some killer people (that’s you!) Going to be listening to this set so many times myself! Absolutely love it!

Some little songs to get you through the afternoon weirdness.

this one goes out to my homeboys, the foxes. you go, little sneakers

Some music for your rainy (or sunny, or in between) day! Have a special lil treat of a song for you that hasnt been released yet straight from the artist! (It’s the Lonely Hearts one). Enjoy my soul flock!


Have a great radio time!

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