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Some little songs to get you through the afternoon weirdness.

this one goes out to my homeboys, the foxes. you go, little sneakers

Some music for your rainy (or sunny, or in between) day! Have a special lil treat of a song for you that hasnt been released yet straight from the artist! (It’s the Lonely Hearts one). Enjoy my soul flock!

It’s the 19th of October folks. What a day. These songs are chilled like jello. With hints of stapler.

It’s a good time

Snazzy jams yall. Snazzy jams.

We got yer good ol songs songs songs again! Coming at ya hot as a pancake on the sun.

Last show before the sweet rays of California take me for the summer! Going to be collecting the best songs to throw your way in Fall! Keep posted to Magenta Soundfox Facebook page for songs of the moment during the summer! Love all yalls! Have fantastical summer adventures!

Two shows left before summer hiatus. You can count on them being excessively good!

hey loves, we got those sweet sweet throwbacks for you. get up and dance. ALL OF THESE ARE GREAT.


Have a great radio time!

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