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Upbeat, saultry, kickin tuneage for you day. Love you all!

“Got a pool full of kittens and I diiiiive in.”  Quote brought to you by Rhiannon Reynolds, fellow DJ and day-to-day inspiration. Enjoy the playlist!  

NEW TRACKS. NEW FOR YOU. NEW FOR ME. Cash out. Take a risk. Take a listen.

Some good ol tracks for yall. Enjoy  the beauty within these.

Werk it. Work this week, work this weekend. Live a lovely life my loves.

Have a joy-filled, festively plump holiday! More new music on tonight’s show and MUCH more coming for you on my return on the 6th of January!

Herru and happy days to you all. Enjoy this playlist that will lift you from the chilly Northwestern winds!  

Whip it up folks, whip it up. Cheers to this pleasingly upbeat playlist! Getting the tunes going to get you in a good mood out of the rain and early dark skies.

Fig Newtons.

Sixth show of the Season II of Magenta SoundFox! Featured on the show is a favorite song of an SF local who listens to the show! Her favorite song this week being L$D by ASAP. Excited to share this with you and many more songs!   Just got back from an AMAZING show at Mississippi […]


Have a great radio time!

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