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Flippin those sweet tracks like it ain’t no thang. Enjoy homeslices.

Hey y’all. Technical difficulties? Beyonce’s new album? I got you with the newest music that could have flurried right on past in the hectic-ness of your week!

Some delighted and freshly squozed music for your flawless ears.

Some snappy tunes to get you going and some relaxed to get you sedated on 4.20. Peace home slices. Get your hands on some treats, you deserve it!

Get some fresh tangy tracks right here, for FREE.

One of my favorite playlists of the history of the SoundFox! All dance worthy songs! (Skip forward 15 minutes into podcast for MSF show)

Back with the tracks, don’t you know! Crazy strange enchanting remix on this doge. Check it out and all the rest!

Beets. Scones. Rain. And a heavy dose of new music!

Happy Wednesddddays folks. LOVE THIS PLAYLIST! Hope you like it as much as I do!

Koala fact: Koalas are most fuzzular AND they love snacks! So much so that they store extra leaves in their pouches for the day! Nothing more mind blowing besides new music as always!


Have a great radio time!

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