Strange Sounds

Hello, In celebration of our slow transition of leaning more towards the sun, I bring you these sounds! Welcome back to spring term. At least the rain is warmer now! Strange Sounds is a mainly vinyl show bringing you a selection of Jazz, Fusion, Rock, and what ever sounds are a-strange to the mainstream, past […]

Yo. Playlist below… Podcast coming soon! -DJ Friday

Tune In Now! (6-7pm) For some ambient and drone sounds, with a healthy dose of Tim Hecker, from the collection of Frank Winterbourne! Contact us in-studio at: 503 725 5945 Playlist Below, Thanks for tuning in! -DJ Friday, Frank Winterbourne

Enjoy the mix! (Start around 5min)   Tune in Fridays at 7pm for STRANGE SOUNDS Playlist Below… -DJ Friday

Get Zapped! An hour feature of Frank Zappa! Started a bit late because of an interview show ahead of mine and also because I couldn’t get the needles! Luckily I managed to get them and was able to play the Zapping vinyl I brought in! (Zappa + London Symphony, Zoot Allures, Apostrophe, and the Grand […]

Greetings, You are listening to Strange Sounds Episode XXX featuring DJ Casey from Float Tank.   Playlist Below Enjoy, -DJ Freitag, DJ Casey

Tune in next week for Strange Sounds 7-8pm! Here’s the mix: Getting rocky again this weekend. Features the long Fripp & Eno cut that did not fit in last week! Playlist below Have a sweet week, -DJ Friday

Hey, Here is the link to download the second hour of my show of the 26th of January! See initial post for player and playlist…

Hello, Found some new records since my last show! Dove into some classic rock and emerged in the Jazz/fusion zone (in the second hour) swooping into some new-age and finally arriving at our age! I played a two hour set this week to compensate for my missed show last week! First Hour: Second Hour: […]

Greetings! Tune in for Strange Sounds with DJ Friday, Fridays 7-8pm… Bring back the vinyl to KPSU this Winter Term! I hope you enjoy the mix:   Playlist Below. Keep it Strange!   -DJ Friday    


Have a great radio time!

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