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Hello and welcome to the Shower Hour!   Click the download link on the episode list, or click the link below for today’s hour of shower:


  Hello and welcome all to the fifteenth weekly radio show The Shower Hour I am Dj Niko Treecko Frappucino, please enjoy this hour of ups and downs. At some point i will upload a picture of a cougar. Featured artists include Mobb Deep, Giant Panda, Nas feat. AZ, Show link below:

Want the link to the show? Here it is below:

Hey all it’s Spring term and I’m your host, DJ Niko Treecko Frappuccino! Today I commit to a playlist I had crafted last term but did not find the time to play, so here we are to move forward by completing the past. We also had a special request from a a student in California, […]

DJ Niko Treecko here for the Shower Hour open every Sunday at 10pm to 11pm   Our show today is features the groups Parliament, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Nirvana, Green Day, Dick Dale & the Deltones, Snoop Dogg, and many more.    

My name is DJ Niko Treecko Frappuccino of the Shower Hour! I play a wide array of sick jams every Sunday from 10pm to 11pm at I’m sorry everyone, I failed to attach a download link so you could see today’s show! So instead I will record all of the songs played below! It’s […]

Hello and Welcome! My name is DJ Niko Treecko Frapuccinno of The Shower Hour. I play music every Sunday @ 10pm. Today I played a 2 hour compilation of music spanning every decade and musical genre. Featured artists include The Chemical Brother, Foster the People, The Minutemen, Mos Def, and Herbie Hancock.   Sorry, no […]

Hello and welcome! This is DJ Niko Treecko Frappuccino of the Shower Hour! I play music and/or present a narrative piece every Sunday @ 10pm! You can listen to the show at and click the blue ‘live stream’ button. Today’s episode reflects the effectiveness of the iTunes shuffle feature when the DJ feels he […]

Welcome to The Shower Hour! The show plays every Sunday @ 10 pm playing slick jams and cool books. Today, DJ Neeko Treecko Frappuccino spins a tribute playlist alongide DJ Bassmango for the late David Bowie. Wherever you are now, we will carry you with us in memory and inspiration.


Have a great radio time!

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