Tiger Cub Radio Bub

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Orderly song shepherding following the inscrutable pattern of Alphazed.

I’m the recordable But God made it affordable

Tiptoe through the letters with Tiger Cub as a parade of songs that epitomize the true heart and true soul of Tiger Cub Radio Bub send the broadwaves reeling.

Look up here I am in Heaven

Welcome to the Suck: Self-consciously Seeking Sensation: driving rhythms

Tiger Cub Radio Bub is back for 2016 and it’s off the dang wall. IT is extra crispy with JD Hall, The Main Ingredient, The Soul Drifters and so many much more…

Good times on the old streambola with Soul Coughing, Kinks, and Mountain Goats

December fanciness with Faith No More, Ra Ra Riot, and more

A whirling wind of wavers and shimmers rock through Polica, Rentals, Raveonettes, and even more

Tiger Cub is here with you I Tiger Cub am here with you


Have a great radio time!

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