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WELCOME TO THE YEAR 3000! Oh boy, are you ready for your ears to bleed? Mine were… Jonas Brothers overload! My siblings found it abundantly amusing but I died a little on the inside. twitter: @josieclaus1   now you know. Enjoy!

Here it is, folks! The relationship that drives you nuts and you just have to know how it ends! Listen to the end of the show and perhaps you’ll figure it out. Never done this before but here it goes: My twitter handle is @josieclaus1   now you know. Enjoy!

Feeling nostalgic. Love you Mom and Dad. Thanks for listening. Enjoy.

First show back in the new term. Here it is folks! The show my friend, Vicky, so lovingly inspired! The selection of songs were about relationships, good at the start and then deteriorating. To clarify, Vicky helped me choose the songs, our friendship is not deteriorating– you’re welcome. Story was about a certain breed of […]

“Welcome to the best playlist of your life. You’re welcome.” -my sister (if you cannot tell she made this playlist to reflect my brother’s iPad, this obviously is the first time you have listened to my show.) Hour 1: Hour 2:

Here it is! The 30th Edition of Upside-Down Underground– everyone’s favorite! I have been absent for a couple shows so I did a 2-hour show and played all of Jesus Christ Superstar:-) My first and favorite Broadway show! This was the 1970s version so it is not exactly the same as the musical one would […]

Hola! You like my Spanish? Today’s show was created by my sister who is a Spanish Minor– so you guessed, all the songs are in Spanish! The story was about how farming has changed over the years. Thanks for listening! Enjoy!

Here it is, folks! The 28th edition of Upside-Down Underground! This show was about the Punk and the Godfather after stumbling on the song named for such by The Who. My story today was titled, “Where did all the oats go?” Enjoy!

Here it is, folks! The 27th edition of Upside-Down Underground! I would venture to say the story I told was rather amusing and the music was segmented into 3s– take that as you will. Thanks for listening!

Which DJ are you going to listen to? Enjoy!


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