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Join DJ Jman for a wondrous 4/20 sesh with some great slaps as always. Love you all as always!!! Check me out every Thursday technically Friday at Midnite!! Check out showpage for other lovely shows!! Slaps comin’ to you from Travis Scott, Flying Lotus, Ghostemane, Kendrick Lamar, Night Lovell, and More!!!! Showpage: www.kpsu.org/what-it-do

Ring in the Spring Term with DJ Jman and the whimsical What it Do!? Hour! New and old slaps tonite and there may be a guest next week!!! Tune in ya heard!!!! Slaps come to you from Pouya, Fat Nick, Vinnie Dewayne, Drake, Snoop Dogg, and MORE!!! As always thanks for all the love and […]

Join DJ Jman and a special surprise guest for an hour of fresh, hot off the press slaps brought to you by yours truly!!! As always thank you for the LOVE and SUPPORT…Slaps come to you from Wax, D.R.A.M,Big Sean, Noname, and many more!!! Check out my show page!! Show page: www.kpsu.org/what-it-do

Join DJ Jman and once again Cole Carlson, CCdiddles on the What it Do Hour for a wonderous show to set off this super bowl sunday with amazing amount of delicious slaps coming to you from Pouya, Denzel Curry, Migos, Rise Against, Wiz Khalifa and more!!!! As always thanks for all the love and support…check […]

Join DJ Jman and the one and only OG homie of the What it Do!? Hour….Cole Carlson, CCdiddles, for the start of the winter term slaps, and whimsical radio talk. The What it Do Hour is officially back and once again thank you all for the support and check out my show page below! Tunes […]

Join DJ Jman for the snowy winter hour of the what it do hour!? Featuring new music from Yung Lean and many other slaps from Pouya, Fat Nick, Childish Gambino, Slightly Stoopid, and more!!!! Once again thanks for all the support and love!!!…See you beautifuls next week!!! Check out my show page!!: www.kpsu.org/what-it-do  

Join DJ Jman for a special thanksgiving hour of slaps and whimsical tunes….no guest this week but stay tuned for more awesomeness every week Thursday technically a Friday at midnite!!! Check out ma show page for all da previous podcasts!!! Love you all! Music coming to you from Francis and the Lights, Rush, Green Day, […]

Join DJ Jman for the hour of slaps and whimsical music only on the What it Do Hour!? Thank you for all the support and love!! Slaps come to you from Rush, Tinashe, Pouya, Lil Yatchy and more!!!! Check out my show page!!! Show Page: www.kpsu.org/what-it-do

On this evening/morning join DJ Jman for some new Tinashe slaps and the weekly bangerz!!!! Thanks for all the continuous support and please check out my show page to see past shows and other dopeness!!! Show Page: http://www.kpsu.org/what-it-do/

Join DJ Jman and Shawn in addition to a couple other surprise guests for a night of slaps brought to you by my brotha Shawn, your truly….slaps coming to ya from Pouya, Travis Scott, Drake, Lil Yatchy, and more!!!


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