Questions And Answers About KPSU
Who are we?
KPSU is Portland State University’s student-run radio station. KPSU membership consists of over 100 students and community members, including a station manager and executive staff.
How can I listen to KPSU?
We are continuously heard all over the world on our web-stream located at We broadcast on the Portland State University campus at 98.1 FM 24 / 7 and in the basement and first floor hallways of the Smith Memorial Union, PSU’s busiest building. If you miss your favorite show you can download it from a link on the shows webpage up to six weeks after the fact.
What is our mission at KPSU?
KPSU strives to represent the likes of the Portland and PSU community. Rock, Indie, Electronic, Punk, Ska, Country, Hip-Hop, Talk, Sludge, Christian, Metal – you name it, we got it. We strive to represent all cultures and interests at KPSU through music and talk programming.
How is KPSU supported?
As a non-commercial student-run radio station, we receive a portion of our funding from student fees. However, KPSU also relies on underwriting and donations to bring in extra funds to operate at our best capability.
What is underwriting?
Underwriting is a tax-deductible donation to and sponsorship of KPSU in exchange for on-air mentions. On-air mentions include: name of the business, location, phone number, and email addresses. The on-air mentions also include brand and trade names, product listings and value neutral descriptions of services.
How can I support KPSU?
The best way to help support KPSU is to become an underwriter. This supports the station and also gets the word out about your business or organization.