Why Should I Underwrite KPSU?
The Benefits of Underwriting
When compared to conventional advertising, underwriting on non-commercial radio is inexpensive; - dirt-cheap actually. Also, the message reaches almost as many ears as a for-profit station. In fact, a National Public Radio survey revealed that as many as 80% of those polled felt more positively about a business if they knew it supported public broadcasting. Other reasons to consider underwriting on KPSU include:
• Underwriting is tax-deductible.
• We appeal to a wide variety of people, while most stations focus on a single listener demographic.
• KPSU is broadcast all over the world via the internet. For a small investment, your business will be exposed to a global audience. On average we have about 9,500 unique visitor "hits" a month.
• People listen to non-commercial and non-mainstream radio because they have a strong interest in what we play. They listen more closely and feel more strongly about groups that support their ability to hear otherwise inaccessible music and programming.
• Underwriting is an investment in KPSU and your business. People remember businesses that support their favorite radio stations.
• We are flexible in scheduling underwriting. Traditionally our peak listening periods are evenings 5pm – 1am (any day of the week).