Some Final Words...
Trade-Out Agreements
An alternative form of underwriting exists at KPSU in the form of trade-out. Sometimes, we allow trade agreements in place of cash donations. However, both the station and the business must agree upon any trade agreement. Cash value of any trade agreement is equal to retail pricing of trade element.

Your time to help support KPSU! If you enjoy our programming, please contribute! Contact or use the support section on this website!

Our listeners and the station greatly benefit from having cool items to exchange for donations.
What Does the FCC Think About Underwriting?
The FCC believes that the broadcaster's good faith judgment is the best way to decide what crosses into advertisement. This puts a lot of the responsibility in KPSU's hands. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call our Development Director.
KPSU Merchandise
KPSU t-shirts and stickers are available at the station office. Stickers are free, and t-shirts are $15.00. Both are a great way to show your support for KPSU.
KPSU General Meetings
Underwriters are welcome to attend KPSU general meetings. This is a good time to voice your concerns and play an active part. Times are TBA.