Pre TurkeyDay Ramble – No concept day – ClearingOut the Cache Vol. 2

Written by on January 7, 2016

This show, originally aired on the 24th of November 2015. It was my Tuesday show day, before TurkeyDay. Otherwise known as Thanksgiving. I was beyond ill prepared. I’d say I was UN prepared. Thus there was no concept on this day. No “show” to speak of. There was quite a bit of rambling babble from me. Does anyone read these, incidentally? Does anyone listen to my show? I have literally NO IDEA. I can look at the stats for each post, but telling me that it has “X” number of hits, really doesn’t tell me if anyone has listened or read any of these descriptions.

In case someone, much like yourself, is indeed reading these posts. Allow me to take a moment and formally apologize for the beginning 48 seconds of silence. I was … well.. unprepared.





  • Amelia
    Jaco Pastorius
    Punk Jazz : The Jaco Pastorius Anthology
  • Misty
    Dave Brubeck & Stan Getz
  • unsure the track
    Jaco Pastorius
    Punk Jazz : The Jaco Pastorius Anthology
  • Attaining
    John Coltrane Quartet
    Sun Ship : The Complete Session

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