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in this episode of big things hosts will, mason mimi and odp started off a new year of shows! each host picked songs exclusively out of their birth year (with will being born in 1994, mason mimi being born in 1995 and odp being born in 1996). get ready for another year of big things!

  it’s the last big things show of 2016! this show features a year in review playlist, featuring songs we would have played in past playlists had we been able to have curse words in the songs (safe harbor hours are enabled in this special midnight show!), and there’s also some christmas songs at the […]

in this episode, mason mimi and will did a show together in which each song in the playlist followed a number pattern and the hosts talked a bit about their fall terms and about the big things domain name. in addition, we got two call-ins from olivia denise pace!

this episode of big things featured a very radical playlist, as well as a very radical guest! Emma Whestell joined mason mimi, will and odp to talk about the recent elections, liberalism, and radicalism. listen in for some great ideas from four radicals, as well as a great playlist featuring 2pac, the dixie chicks, the […]

in this episode of big things, hosts will, mason mimi and odp picked some random love songs to play, for those who have had romantic love, family love, friend love, or even just saw a movie with some love in it.

mason mimi abandons will and odp for the weekend, so left to their own devices, the only theme they could come up with is “creepy” songs. some of odp’s songs weren’t quite creepy enough for will, but we’ll leave that up for you to decide. enjoy, punks!

this episode of big things featured a very halloweeny playlist! plus, gabe and aubrey joined hosts odp, will & mason mimi to tell some spooky stories! tune in to hear from two cats, an anarchist, persephone and an almost dead jock, the stories and the tunes are sure to make you wish it was halloween […]

in this episode of big things, donald guest hosted with mason mimi. Skyler Reed joined the hosts to talk a bit about poetry events he had been putting together, and Heidi Sipress also joined the hosts to talk about radical revolutionary stuff- unfortunately, there was a problem with getting the link to the second half […]

in this episode of big things, kaitlyn dey and michael richardson joined hosts mason mimi and odp! everyone on this show is a part of the PSU Student Union (PSUSU), and we got to hear some interesting facts about kaitlyn and michael specifically, who are both from idaho! this playlist featured songs that are either […]

in this episode, hosts mason mimi, will and odp picked songs that they were listening to throughout the first week back to fall term! odp caught a cold and called in from time to time, leaving will and mason to tell listeners the reasons behind her picks. listen to hear multiple versions of greensleeves, some […]


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