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hlh;vl;vrJAIJOBUI HJNVHUGsdjhvldlkja ifigerijagggjkallkgdfkjoeruewiutiewurajcnjaowjdhappyinternationalwomensday! janet drank all my kombucha and is also leaving me in 2 weeks. accepting applications for new radio co-host and wife. women are cool. what is women? woman? who? wat 10/10 great blog post would post again haahahaha  

who wants to get us these rosemary fries? I was hanging out with my grandma this weekend and she made up a story about spies on the beach and it was, how you say, inspiration! Then Cody came and added some Buddy Holly and here we are, nine months later, spitting carrots onto the carpet. […]

“Thanks, Travis” “What’s on our collective mind?” “I’m cold all the time” “I feel cheated by the weather” “What! The snow is treating me well” “I’ve been checking my horoscope to no avail” “Yeah? You can look it up” “Um. That’s cute, sorry, I’m laughing at memes” “I feel like this week wasn’t real” “I […]

A Valentine’s Mood: Boy Bitten By a Lizard, Caravaggio (1594-1596) A poem from Janet: There’s so much Dorito in my teeth So many friends! Don’t brush your teeth Don’t kill your pals It’s Valentine’s day and Ash Wednesday, we’re eating Doritos, crying, and trying not to have babies (we don’t have to try very hard). […]


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