Author: Jenny Wechter

This playlist is to be listened to when you are in the mood for soft and lulling music to feel gentle.

A playlist of some really chill and funky artists of color! A good mix for any chill type of setting with friends or an exclusive dance party.

thinking of themes is hard but i thought it would be punchy to make a playlist that has names of body parts in the artists and tracks, enjoy!!

some relaxing and luxurious jazz and soul perfect for a bubble bath with candles

A list of songs for long rides in the car

April showers bring tender restlessness for warm sunny days, in the mean time we can all listen to some great songs about sad things to pass the time.

An hour long playlist consisting of some top favorite songs of Sam, Alex, Noah, Eli, and Jenny!! Sams favs: Yo VivirĂ© – Celia Cruz, Buy Me Something – Caroline Smith, Take The Box – Amy Winehouse, Ramblin (Wo)man – Cat Power. Alexs favs: Little Beasts – Kitten Forever, Darkest Eyes- Colleen Green, Chinatown – Girl […]

these songs make my soul feel like different shades of purple, a variety of jazz, indie rock, & future soul plus much more

A soundtrack to a virtual walk through a tropical rain forest. Relax and enjoy!

A soundtrack to a submarine ride under the waves. Sit back and enjoy!


Have a great radio time!

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