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Here it is, folks! The 27th edition of Upside-Down Underground! I would venture to say the story I told was rather amusing and the music was segmented into 3s– take that as you will. Thanks for listening!

Which DJ are you going to listen to? Enjoy!

We are back, baby!! Are you as excited as I am? *insert kissy face here* It’s been awhile so I figured my first show of the fall term should be about Summer and songs that remind me of it! I do have to accredit the idea to My Chemical Romance, though– their last album is what […]

Yeah, my brother put together this playlist… bear with me…

Here it is! Number 23 of UDUG (that’s my new acronym for Upside-Down Underground… don’t think I’ll use it again…). The story today was about Nurse Nancy and the music was stuff I want to dance to! Started it off with “Gotta Get Away” by the Offspring because that’s how us college kids feel now […]

Here it is, folks! The 22nd edition of Upside-Down Underground! How exciting 😀 Today I played all Pop music, but there’s a twist– Post-Hardcore bands were singing them ^.^ If you’re not awake now, you will be after this show! Enjoy!

Here it is! the 21st Edition of Upside-Down Underground! The show is old enough to drink now!! The story was about beavers (and not the school) and music line-up was random… Well, electric-swing randomish… Enjoy!

Here it is! The twentieth edition of Upside-Down Underground! my sister’s birthday is on the twentieth of May so she put together the playlist this week– prepare yourselves! Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Here it is! The nineteenth edition of you know what! Played some slower songs and it was a party. You collage students can do anything! Read the research they do and collaborate! Thanks for listening, enjoy!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! That was what the show was about today– all Spanish songs! *gasp* My lil sis is a Spanish Minor so she lovingly chose songs by Spanish artists– enjoy my long lost lovers!


Have a great radio time!

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