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As experimental music genre director at KPSU, I’m excited to share an event that my program What’s This Called? is intimately involved with (and has been for some two decades): The 20th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival Hey Kids! They’re On FaceBook! June 27-29, 2014 at The Northern 414 1/2 Legion in downtown Olympia WA. […]

Metal Machine Music (Kogut Butoh) Saturday, March 8th at 11 PM at Three Friends Coffee House (201 SE 12th Ave, Portland OR) Free. This event is one of those reasons that while we might all get self-satirical about living in Portland, it really is a place where creativity bleeds out of the walls. Could there […]

In addition to my own program, What’s This Called? I also am the KPSU Experimental Music Genre Director. Which means that if you are a musician playing outside the parameters of what is considered “normal”, you should send a recording to KPSU and ask to have me review it. Of course this goes for experimental […]

Saturday, January 18, 2014 What’s This Called? is thrilled to host a special farewell Portland radio performance from Tuvan throat singing master and avant music pioneer Enrique Ugalde?, known in performance as Soriah. Enrique is moving to Tuva and his last Portland performance will be this Sunday at the Star Theater Portland? for Church of […]

You thought it was over, but it’s never over. Saturday, December 28th (the 3rd and bleakest day of Xmas!), break out your darkest Yule log and prepare to submit to Santa’s most shadiest of elves it’s the 3rd Annual White Noise Xmas on What’s This Called? Famed circus impresario, founding guest star/extra of Portlandia, and […]

A strange year filled with undreamt of comebacks and some intriguing new beginnings as well. I actually purchased nearly every record on this list. 2013 had it’s share of Must Haves. 1. David Bowie – The Next Day 2. Iggy & the Stooges – Ready to Die 3. Body/Head – Coming Apart 4. Chelsea Light […]

I am in total shock to find that Lou Reed has left the building. Truly one of the very greatest and influential avant rock musicians of all time, and responsible for so many classic songs and calculated explosions of guitar noise. I am both a huge Velvet Underground fan as well as his remarkable solo […]

Now in addition to the KPSU site, What’s This Called? has a blog with a feedburner where you can download or stream past episodes: What’s This Called? ULTRABLOG! Featuring lots of dj sets as well as Live performances from the likes of Four Dimensional Nightmare, Crank Sturgeon, Paco Jones, Overdose the Katatonic, Tres Gone, Ilima […]

Who says you can’t dance to experimental music? Go tell that to Anibal Luque of Cross Fader DJZ Webzine who unbeknownst to me, back in January of this year put What’s This Called? as #1 in her Top 10 Best EDM College Radio Shows! Read the Article Here! While I can’t say I ever thought […]

The Festival season is over (thank you Olympia Experimental Music Festival and NOFEST for a great one!) The rain is back but there are great new experimental music releases to defend yourself with. Kim Gordon and Bill Nace tear it apart in Coming Apart by Body/Head with 9 guitar driven highly original noise rock improvisations. […]


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