Enjoy this first episode of Vibes, learn a little about the co-hosts and enjoy some of their favorite hip-hop joints!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1us91VK8H8

This hour Karla talks about two influential female hip hop artists, Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj. We’ve all heard the phrase “hip hop is dead” so when Ma took out ShEHER, a respond to Minajs song Make Love, the hip hop community saw the flame come alive once again. “I love both female artist, but […]

JFiSH debuts his new ep, Just $ome Rhymes. A 7 song NBP production recorded in one day. He speaks with us about his work, upcoming projects and dreams. You can find this young artist on all social media; jfish. Don’t sleep on this new up and coming Portland born and raised hip hop artist. -Kay.

Karla brings you a little California love in this cold weather. Highlighting Project Jay as well as other hip hop artist.

Enjoy this hour of Pineapple Juice hosted by Karla with guest star, Hummer the world traveler. Hummer recently landed from India lets us in on the music he vibes to while driving as well as a few surprises on his views of air force 1s.

Taking over at midnight, Nykell Hunter helps picks some of his favorite tracks as well spitting some rhymes.

Starting at 10 minutes with 30 seconds enjoy 50 minutes of First Gift, Swedish DJ, and D-Dots, London DJ. Hear them share what they love about Portland and their craziest moments in their USA tour.


Have a great radio time!

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