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Hi everyone! DJ Niko on the The Shower Hour bringing you Part 2 of our Halloween Special! The attached download link goes to Part 2 of the 2 hour program. More music, and more narrative work!  

It’s DJ Niko performing my second show, this time, a 2 hour Halloween Special! The download link to Part 1 of the show is attached to this post, along with song titles!   I played a compilation of songs and narrative work on The Hobbit today, check it out! Have a Fantastic Halloween!

Hey all! It DJ Niko of The Shower Hour program! Shows start every Sunday at 10 pm   This first episode we discuss formatting, I present a hip hop mixtape, and narrate all but the last two pages of Deadpool #1!   Here’s the green monster Deadpool Harry Truman Feat. Cap ‘merica and Michael the […]

Howdy folks! The Shower Hour begins at 10 pm every Sunday evening.   This is my first show ever. Isn’t that just amazing? Before you know it, I’ll have overstayed my welcome! Today’s show will focus mainly on the contents of the image below:     I hope you all enjoy the program! DJ Niko […]


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