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Fall term is here, which means rain returns to Portland and so does the funk!! Listen to some groovy women!

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend Music Fest Northwest Presents Project Pabst. What used to be two separate Portland summer festivals has now merged into a one weekend event, and it was clear this has amped up what the waterfront festival has to offer. From the PBRcade pop-up with free games such as […]

It’s dead week, so dance it out!

James Vincent McMorrow came out with a new album a few days ago that is giving off some maaaajjjorrr Bon Iver vibes. I stumbled across it today and felt that it was time for some acoustic jamzzzz. Ones that always remind me of lush PNW forests and the smell of a bon fire. Enjoy the […]

I saw NAO this weekend and was inspired so play some groovyyyyyy tunes, enjoy!

It felt like the time for some lady harmonies. This type of music always takes me on a trip of nostalgia, and I kind of love it.

It’s the first day of May, and sun is in our future!!! Let’s dance in the sunshine and survive the next few weeks until SUMMER!

I have been really digging the song 9 by Willow ft. SZA lately. Figured I would make a show around the way it made me feel.

Some Jazzy tunes for ya.

It’s dead week 🙁 but we are still alive!


Have a great radio time!

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