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This spring time playlist is inspired by “Sales” who I have been listening to nonstop for the past week.

So we all survived dead week! In celebration I attempted to create a Summer Vibey playlist, but it was raining so my heart was somewhere else. Therefore, this playlist is a mixture of sunshine, rain, happiness (cuz spring break is soon), and sadness (because I had to say goodbye to my poetry class). Hope you guys […]

In honor of seeing Lake Street Dive perform live on Wednesday night, I decided it was necessary to devote a show to some funky vibes!

When I was making this playlist, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to call it. But then I realized that this all feels like a dream, and we are sleepwalking through this dream. I know that this sounds really stupid, but just stick with me here guys. I think if you just close your […]

yo yo yo do you know what sucks? Staying up late to write a paper. So I made a show to lighten up the mood.

Tonight we are getting steamy over here at the station for the Discoveries and Epiphanies Valentine’s Day Spectacular. I have curated a special playlist that is sure to make the those love vibes super strong on Sunday. I’d like to call this playlist “Baby Making Music” but I need to keep it PG. So take […]

We all hate the dreaded week 5. Mid termz, paperz, stress, and breakdowns become your reality. But have no fear, we are going to end this week on good terms. D&E has brought you some chill dancey vibes. We are going to set fire to all those papers you want to cry about. Dance it […]

When you have a sister who is a fan of country music, you are forced to find music that crosses the boundaries a bit. So this playlist is full of artists that aren’t country, but can still be appreciated by country fans. Be prepared for some folky tunes that make you want to grab a […]

This week is full of tunez the big bro would approve of.

This show was very bittersweet for me. I always love a chance to play Bowie for a nonstop hour, but it was very tough for me to hear that he had passed. I felt that it was important to dedicate a show one of my favorite artists. Here’s to you Bowie. Rest in peace!


Have a great radio time!

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