Future Politics with Austra – KPSU Feature Interview

Written by DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) on February 15, 2017

Austra’s Future Politics tour was in Portland this past Monday at Holocene! Katie Stelmanis (Austra) took some time to sit down on Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) for a special KPSU feature interview. We had a chance to discuss some stories of Austra’s formative years and all about her new ‘Future Politics’ LP.

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Katie Austra Stelmanis is a Canadian born synth pop composer, producer, musician and vocalist. Austra’s sound is known for powerful lyrics, full vocals and beautifully synthesized music. Having a strong background in classical music growing up, eventually she began to branch out to other genres as her musical career progressed in the early 2000’s to what we know today as Austra. Her ‘Future Politics’ LP just came out and is full of political undertones in this crazy era of Planet Earth. Tune in to hear more about what Austra’s new LP is all about!

Learn more about Austra at her Website // Twitter // Instagram // Tumblr  // YouTube // or Join Austra’s Mailing List

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  • Future Politics
    Future Politics
  • Join Us
    Katie Stelmanis
  • I Love You More Than You Love Yourself
    Future Politics
  • 43
    Future Politics
  • Believe Me
    Katie Stelmanis

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