Float Tank Broadcast Oct 15th, 2017; Machinone’s Tokyo

Written by on October 20, 2017


I found Machinone’s music initially by way of journeys through the soundcloud. A favourite musician of mine, Bibio, had shared one of Machinone’s tracks on his own soundcloud page. I don’t take Bibio suggestions lightly so I surely followed the link and gave it a listen. What I heard was nothing short of exactly what I was unconsciously searching for. A happy medium of the nostalgic textures of lofi recording styles and well layered, discernable instrumentation. Machinone’s guitar work is something that I aspire to be able to create one day; simple and emotive phrases blossom on the surface with complex picking patterns serving as the roots to this omniseasonal (yeah I’m making up words) sonic organism. The music inspires a sense of romanticism in me, not reserved exclusively to interpersonal sexual attraction but also to the consensual allowance of the sound waves of birds chirping or waterfalls falling to tenderly vibrate my cochleas.












  • Peninsula Park fountain recording
  • bell guitar
  • ruoho
  • tokyo
  • siksy
  • harutsugedori
  • driftwood
  • flowerstamp
  • windwijzer
  • haimidori
  • michiyuki
  • vihrea
  • swallow song
  • giddy
  • tears of kivi
  • tegami
  • miston
  • goassamer
  • aerosol
  • juha
  • bike ride home recording

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