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Episode 46 We Call Upon The Author
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(9-1-12) Words fog through the cracks in this already rattled mind. 348 blank pages of typewritten words still cannot explain how this became once again.
Everything Was Stories Harry Crews Searching For The Wrong Eyed Jesus OST
Pure Imagination Smoking Popes Destination Failure
Drunken Mouth Kitchen Smile The Lawrence Arms
She Talks To Rainbows The Ramones
Rolodex Propaganda At The Drive In f/ Iggy Pop
On Language Julie Ruin
Ghost Writer Calexico
Epic Tales of Adventure Dead Milkmen
Chapter 3: Towels Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Journey of the Sourcerer The Eagles Hitchhikers Guide OST
If Jesus Drove A Motorhome Jim White
Dr. Who Delia Derbyshire
Regenerate Exterminate Chameleon Circuit
Astronaut (A Short History of Nearly Nothing) Amanda Palmer f/ Zoe Keating Who Killed Amanda Palmer?
The Confession Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
The Sounds of the Universe in My Window pt. 1 Jack Kerouac
People Are Strange Echo & The Bunnymen Lost Boys OST
Mah Sanctum nick cave The Ass Saw The Angel
The Universe (Some Information to Live in It) Douglas Adams
Decoder William S. Burroughs & Christiane F.
These Are The Sad Songs (Sci-Fi Lullabies) Suede
Gospel Noble Truths Allen Ginsberg
Highly Illogical Leonard Nimoy
Stories Gary Neuman
History of the World part 1 The Damned
Hello Mr. Hitchcock The Vampires of Dartmoore
Explain That Dog
How I Wrote Elastic Man (Radio Edit) The Fall
I Just Want To Be A Movie Star Lester Bangs & The Delinquents