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Episode 47: Cracking The Skin
SHOW Closet Radio
(9-8-12) Empty the sand from your soles and let the scent of burned tires melt into the back forty acres of a wasteland engulfed yet only seen through red filters. Death smells like the desert heat.
Survival Vivian Girls
Albert Goes West Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Babylon Jeff Beal Carnivale OST
The Desert is on Fire murder by death
Roam The Land Tandoori Knights
Bloody Basin The Route 66 Killers Revenge Of The Flies
Nom De Plume Calexico
Devil Like Me Turn Back O Man
The Wild West Is Where I Want To Be Tom Lehrer
A Cool Drink of Water The Gun Club
Cowboy Dan Modest Mouse Lonesome crowded west
Hanging Me Tonight Marty Robbins Gunfighter Songs and Ballads
Fruit of the Desert The Orient Express
Hell In A Handbasket Voltaire
Little Piece This Bike is a Pipe Bomb
Randy's House Andrew Jackson Jihad
Bone Dry Dirt Southern Culture On The Skids
Vulture Culture Lover!
Swords to Rust Hearts to Dust" Rome
There's Nothing Lost Sounds
On Dean Moriarty Jack Kerouac
Burn It Hour of the Wolf
Pinokiak Swing Ding Amigos
Simon of the Desert Les Sinners
Dust Cake Boy Nunzilla
Another Bag Of Bones Kevin Devine and the Goddamned Band Brother's Blood
Beyond The Threshold Husker Du zen arcade
One Long Pair Of Eyes Robyn Hitchcock
Soon Where Dead Voices Gather
Red Reflection Spindrift
Desert Song Akrabu
This Land is Cursed/ Psalm of Nod Sons of Perdition