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Episode 48: Not A Problem, Dude
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Break the seal of sun-rotted eyes of being left for dead in a cloud of light. Once alone, now no longer. Retinas scorched from the smiling face of a westerly wind and her invisible eyes replace me in limbo.
Good Day Today David Lynch Crazy Clown Time
Cool Pylon
Slow Pulse Boy And Also the Trees
That's Good Devo Oh, No! It's Devo!
What You Think The Coolies Government Time
Red Box I Jog & The Tracksuits 7"
Shooting Jones (Blue Eyes, Black Heart) Dave Vanian & The Phantom Chords
Waste of Breath Subhumans Live in a Dive
Forming The Germs
How Do You Like That? The Soviettes LP III
Semi-OK The Mr. T Experience Love Is Dead
Cinderella Langhorne Slim Be Set Free
Everything Will Be Fine JC Brooks & The Uptown SOund Want More
Things Are Gonna Get Better Deal's Gone Bad The Ramblers
Let Bygones Be Bygones Corey Dixon & The Zvooks Come and Go
Keep Your Cool Terry & The Chain Reaction
All Is Forgiven The Momes Spiralling
Painting The Roses Red Kathrine Beaumont & The Mello Men Alice In Wonderland OST
I Gotta Dance to Keep From Crying The High Numbers Live 1964
Rainbow Valley Love Affair
Minor Jive Frankie Newton f/ Crazy Cole & Mezz Mezzrow
Day In and Out The Waters
I Wanna Be Well The Ramones Rocket to Russia
That's All I Know (Right Now) The Neon Boys Spurts: The Richard Hell Anthology
There Will Be No More Scum Frodus
I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter The Crawdaddys
Groovy Cake Like
You're A Prisoner Death
No Carrier Decahedron
Follow The Leaders Killing Joke
Eight At A Time Twang
Weekend New Bomb Turks