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The Gritty and Grimy Hour
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Hinson This Friday
Same 'ol thing diferent tuesday
Undead Blues Unkown Hinson Target Practice
Everything's Legal In Alabama Bob Wayne Outlaw Carnie
Will The Fetus Be Aborted Jello Biafra with Mojo Nixon with the Toad Liquors Prarie Home Invasion
lightning from the north .357 String Band Lightning from the North
Mean Kind Of Blues Rachel Brooke Down on the Barnyard
They Don't Make Folks Like They Used Too Those Poor Bastards Songs of Desparation
Guttertown Hank 3 Guttertown
From Jail To Hell Unkown Hinson Target Practice
Going Home Scott H. Biram Graveyard Shift
Rock n Roll is Straight From Hell Unknown Hinson The Future is Unknown
King Tutt steve martin Rare Bird Alert