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The Gritty and Grimy Hour
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Nother Day In SOuthern Greatness
Same Ol' Southern Sound Summer Time Fun!!!
Where We Gonna Work Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon with the Toad Liquors Prairie Home Invasion
Ghost Of Johnny Cash Bob Wayne Outlaw Carnie
Orange Blossom Special Johnny Cash Orange Blossom Special
Long Walk Back Junior Brown Long Walk Back
Stab! The Pine Box Boys Stab!
Grand 'Ol Opery Ain't So Grand anymore Hank Williams 3 Damn Right Rebel Proud
Lets Go Burn Down Nashville Mojo Nixon and Jello Biafra with the Toad Liquors Prairie Home Invasion
Music City's Dead Joe Buck Yourself Piss and Vinegar
Hard on Equipment CORB LUND Hair in My Eyes
Since She Got Into Riding Jonathan Richman Jonathan Goes Country
Baddest Of The Bad the reverend Horton Heat Liquor In The Front Poker In The Rear
Only Jesus Scott H. Biram Graveyard Shift
lightning from the north .357 String Band Lightning from the North
Homegrown Niel Young and Crazy Horse Amrican Stars and Bars
The California Kid The Beat Farmers Live, Loud, and Plowed
Made it West Lucky Tubb Hillbilly Fever
Biscuits and Gravy Mr. Plow Apocalypse Plow