I had a bass-over and I liked it.
Author: Liz
18 May 2012 10:47 pm PST

Last week at this time I was at a Bassnectar concert. Let me tell you, never before had I felt my nose vibrate. There was so much bass, I could feel it in my bones. After I got through the lovely secured entrance of the Roseland Theater (roselandpdx.com), I experienced the downstairs bar for the first time (I know) and it was pretty chill in there, literally a cooler escape from upstairs.

Vibe Squad was performing when I went upstairs and got in the line to the upstairs bar, which wasn’t necessary to do but I was rollin’ solo at this event and I wanted to get shots from above of what became a massive, bobbing crowd. Right away you could feel the energy of people who came to dance and feel the positive vibes from all the ♥ heavy bass love. ♥ While I stood in line for upstairs, Vice Squad finished up and Bassnectar tastefully started the set with some bassed-up Beastie Boys. It was almost immediately louder than anything else ever in my life and I had to put in ear plugs, haha! You can laugh but everyone knows that bass is just as much of a feel as it is a sound, and oh what a feeling it was at the Bassnectar concert!! Right when I got upstairs one of the fluorescent light bulbs broke, undoubtedly from all the vibration pulsing through the building.

The setup onstage allowed for a crazy cool lights & images show. I had heard that Bassnectar had upped the ante – I was blown away, almost literally. Seriously, the bass is what got me drunk.

Bassnectar in Portland, Vava Voom Tour 2012 - www.bassnectar.net

I recorded quite a few videos, and they’re all posted in one of my sets on flickr, Performances & Events, along with all the pictures - silhouette images of Lorin, who was this bobbing, jumping head of hair creating awesomeness. I don’t know if he tailors his sets to the city he’s in, but a little “Ready or Not (Fugees) / I Got Five On It (Luniz)” mix is a good choice in P-Town! To add to the visual pleasure, for a while there were balloons over the whole downstairs crowd. At some point I remember dinosaurs up on the big screens... Rawr!

You never know which of their songs a DJ is going to play, what kind of mix of old and new it'll be, or what other samples they’ll use. I really like “Timestretch” and was excited when he played not only that but also one of my favorites from Wildstyle, “Underwater,” with vocals by Tina Malia. I appreciated that choice over another song I like, Bassnectar’s remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Lights.” The former is more Bassnectar. No matter what, he brought the bass, and the people were ready for it. There was a lot of skin everywhere and I saw some interesting headwear, which I tried to capture photos of as people bobbed past me.

It was one big happy bass family. At one point a guy came through my area and had cups of water, offering them to anyone who responded. As I took a cup I wondered, Is it laced with LSD? Well, we’ll find out...

Nice surprise: a little hat tip to NERO? - a Bassnectar'd "Reaching Out" sample.

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