Special 3 Hour What's This Called? Today!
Author: Ricardo Wang
There's been a 2 week hiatus for the festival season, and I'm actually going to take next week off two, so today while Rikki Pants is away, I'm doing a SPECIAL 3 HOUR What's This Called? for you!

Noon to 3 PM Pacific Time on KPSU with strange orchestras including Laetitia Sadier, Flourescent Gray, Smoke & Mirrors, Sonic Youth, Rebecca Moore, L.A. Lungs, Tyranosaurus Rex, Abusive Consumer, Melvins Lite, Legendary Pink Dots, Byrds, Moodring, Cocteau Twins, Jandek, Hood, Hypnagogic Orchestra & MORE!

Set you bliss for the heart of earjack!