Ty Segall- Twins
Author: Crouton Bombay
It’s been a big year for the crown prince of lo-fi garage punk, Ty Segall. His latest solo release, Twins, is his second full-length release this year and sixth solo studio album to date. The dude is busy. As a solo artist, Ty has matured greatly in recent years. His voice has transformed into a machine of rock assault and his playing style is so tight he can afford to be sloppy. He used to perform truly solo in San Francisco’s club scene; his only onstage companion was a kick drum with a tambourine attached. Times have changed as he employs a touring band but Segall’s resolve and commitment to DIY badassery is still strong as ever. Twins takes everything Segall has produced on his own to date and elevates it to the next level. The album smashes heads with a smile and overflows with unabashed vehemence. This guy is going to be around for a while.

Twins begins a growing wall of noise like a sandstorm approaching. The tempest finally arrives as Segall’s guitar strum breaks through the clouds and restores order with complete chaos. “Thank God For Sinners” sets the tone to the garage-psych epic, which truly does not have a dull moment. “Inside Your Heart” showcases everything we adore about the wunderkind, guitars drenched in fuzz, drawling reverb vocals, and a guitar riff in the middle of the track that bridges the gap between unbridled menacing garage rock and traditional rock guitar repetition. Towards the end, music slowly slips into the returning wall of noise, which provides the perfect transition to the returning chorus. After we go through two more times, walls of noise return, this time to the tune of a chorus of guitar sirens singing in perfect disarray.

There is no water break. Twins is a marathon of sprints. Only a single track “Ghosts” breaks the four minute mark because Ty needs an extra two minutes to hammer the buzzing strum into your skull. This song is the reason they are called power chords. One jam follows another; finally you arrive at “Handglams,” which begins a beautiful finger-picking pattern a la poor mans “Don’t Fear the Reaper” and morphs into a characteristically Segall mash of grunge power.

Do you hate Five Hour Energy but are feeling tired and need to stay awake? Are you sick of drinking eight shots of whiskey but still want to get completely hammered? Twins is the answer. Twins is your solution.