Destroy Nate Allen We Talk Occasionally on the Internet
For their latest full length, “With Our Powers Combined,” Destroy Nate Allen teamed up with Asian Man Records group Gnarboots (Link 80, Shinobu) to act as their backing band. The addition adds a lot to the “interactive folk-punk” group, previously consisting of Nate and Tessa, who performed together as a guitar/vocal duo. The album, featuring some new songs as well as re-recording some old ones, is a great example of folk-punk done right. Guitar and vocals are great, but the addition of drums, bass and keys really adds a lot to the sound. The new version of “Emergency” is a great example of this. The “With Our Powers Combined” version picks up the tempo and adds a lot to what was already a very fun song. And the single, “We Talk Occasionally on the Internet,” is a great, goofy, up-tempo folk-punk song about old friends. The band recorded and is touring with a five-piece ska band, which adds another dynamic piece to this album’s sound. While it follows a traditional folk-punk style, with fast, punk rhythms and vocals that follow this, the horns and keys do too. I haven’t heard a folk-punk band pulling in these elements before, as primarily folk-punk I’ve heard previously has held pretty solidly in the guitar, harmonica and vocal path that so many bands follow. One of my favorite tracks is “Long Weekend Blues,” an acoustic track that sounds a lot like Destroy Nate Allen’s older material. The album, distributed digitally on Bandcamp, is the most fun you can have for free (or a donation) on a Wednesday night.
Recommended tracks: Emergency, Long Weekend Blues, Almost Out of Texas
Rating: 8 of 10

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