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Tired  This is another post from the vault. Originally aired/streamed in a live fashion back on the ninth of August. (side note happy birthday Rio!) Tired  As I do mention, over and over in the opening 13 minutes. I was oh so very tired. This week was during the filming of Retro Hero , which was~is a production of  PSU-TV. It […]

As I am sure I have written ad nauseam, this show concept is about the connection between songs. At times it can be as simple as the first letter of the song, album or band name being the same. Other times it can be a connection of thematic material or tissue linking the compositional makeup […]

A new edition to my stable of rotating show concepts here on Box of Chocolates. The Producers will be a show where we “look at/listen to” a featured producer who has through their projects, associated artists, or own undeniable touch/sound have had a noticeable, debatable, or obviously profound impact on a genre, music or culture […]


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