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Okay – so tonight’s show probably has the lowest classic rock/rock n’ roll concentration of any of Fighting Rose’s shows thus far. But there’s a good (in my opinion) reason for this; it’s running season in Portland! The Portland Marathon was last weekend (mad props to all you finishers), summer temps are finally cooling down […]

October 7, 2015

Hey y’all! Don’t let the cooler temps get you down this fall, because Fighting Rose is back!! That’s right – get excited. This week’s playlist is all about jumpin’ right back into it with some good ol’ rock n’ roll. You know how I do – I threw in some new, some old, along with a […]

Time for another show of COVERS and their originals. This episode, number 16 according to my inept math/accounting, originally aired on July 28th (I think). I was in the midst of trying to gain solid footing in a new financial endeavor, in the middle of a move, and in many ways simply continuing to lose my mind […]

Episode 15: Things have been so utterly hectic  as of late. I don’t even remember what episode this was (but I do know now  this is Where I Come From 4 : a running history) or what I played. I’m 6 weeks late in getting these shows posted. So these “about” descriptions are simply placeholders. Some of […]

Oh boy! Looks like I’m moving again. Why not turn that anguish into a new episode of Pursuing The Trivial!? I selected a collection of songs relating to moving and I thought I would share that with you. I also talked about Joy Cinema and it’s awesome films they show on Wednesday Nights. There was some […]

Volume 2 of my covers to originals comparison show. Switched it up a little bit this time, played cover first, then original. Figured out a minute or so into the second track played that my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me this morning. The do-over show of Steve Albini was playing it’s tracks down in pitch, things were sounding […]

My eighth episode is the third installement of my personal history as related through sonic landmarks and sign posts, and the associated commentary of its recollection. A veritable musical timemachine. In this third entry to a rather long story, we are looking at 1980. Which for me meant a return to the deserts of Northern […]

Where I Come From part 2 In this the fourth episode of Box of Chocolates, we have the second installment of my personal history of becoming an observant, choice making, individual human being. It’s been a long trek, and this is simply a perspective of the journey taken through the lens of music that I received and consumed […]


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