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We look at the world of Extended Play albums, AKA “EP”s. Interesting stuff always happens on EP’s, and it’s all we’re playing tonight. Part 3.




This week I made a playlist full of music that reminded me of The Dirty Dancing soundtrack. I included artists such as the The Flamingos, The Chantels, and of course, some songs featured in the Dirty Dancing film itself. Enjoy! Listen here, You can catch all of my other playlists on my spotify!

A playlist for cloud 9. Enjoy! My entire playlist didn’t fit into my hour long slot, so catch me on spotify.   Listen here,

Thanks for tuning in this week! In this playlist I featured some laid back tunes. I hope you enjoy! You can catch me on spotify¬†and listen to the other playlists I’ve made, or see what I’ve been listening to! Listen here,


Evident Freshness was put together mere minutes before airtime by your favorite host the DJ Niko Treecko Frappuccino. Got the link below:     Check out this link for the Shower Hour facebook page for up to date posts on new programming and content.     This track changed my life and my understanding […]


Have a great radio time!

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