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Alphabetic This is about a month over due. Counting yesterday, I am 5 shows behind in my posting duties. But here I am now. This show was originally streamcast on the 3rd of December. The show concept here is fairly obvious from the title of this post, but if you’re still having trouble figuring it […]

Tucker Gumber AKA The Festival Guy, recently joined Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer). who spent seven years reviewing music festivals and thinking of ways they could be better. Tucker founded his company FestEvo to solve the problems he encountered. Join us to learn about his favorite festivals and just how we can […]

This is a round table discussion hosted by Mary Bowers and Ron Peterson Call In guest was Tim Shampoe

We play great indie music for the holidays! Part 2.

We play great indie music for the holidays! Part 1.


Have a great radio time!

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