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New music for your listening ears! Pt. 2

New music for your listening ears! Pt. 1

Refrigeration Chill Spectacle is the thirtieth episode of The Shower Hour in 2017, hosted and compiled by your favorite DJ Niko.      

This is a round table discussion and it was hosted by Mary Bowers The round table involved the following people: Alex Bowers Jeff Armstrong Nathan Jimenz Ron Peterson


What a great hour. I have to say this has been one of the most knowledgable interviews I have had in awhile when it comes to the history of music. Takimba came in to KPSU the other night to talk about his art, projects, and his roots as a DJ and Artist. Takimba has been […]

Tasty Thick Like Cake was pre-orchestrated by your favorite DJ Niko Treecko Frappuccino. I play my program The Shower hour every Sunday at 10pm.   Below is the link for the program, thanks for listening:  

We set up Jake with some of his band this time to bring us some great jams on the radio! He brought almost a full band setup with his two guitarists and drummer. Previewing a lot of new jams from the album and a few different takes on a couple songs. If your interested in […]

We look at the world of Extended Play albums, AKA “EP”s. Interesting stuff always happens on EP’s, and it’s all we’re playing tonight. Part 4.



Have a great radio time!

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